You have an option.

You have an option.

I have no option!
I have to stay in this marriage, my kids love him and I don’t want to do this to them!
What will society have to say? 

I have to do this for my family. I have nowhere to go, it is easy for you to say so but honestly I have no money and I am completely dependent on him. 


I am overly attached that I cannot get over him.

Yes, I’ve heard various versions of this and I know what they feel. 

Some are getting bruises that are visible by the naked eye and some are scarred, within their souls. 

They change their identity by changing their names, their addresses. From being daughters to daughters-in-law.
Let us not forget this trauma, the one where your man being with someone else devastated you.
After changing who you are, to accept him wholeheartedly; that one time was enough, you don’t need to keep changing yourself for him.

I understand that he may be important to you, that you want him, need him or your circumstances are not allowing you to take this step where you walk out on him. You may look up to those women who took these bold steps and are happy too but at the same time, you doubt whether you could do the same.
We are all different, with different lives and stories, all I want you to know and understand is that it is not your fault. Repeat it to yourself, “It is  not my fault.”

I know, you fear being blamed. You will be comforted by people who stand by you, saying that he is a fool, to make you feel better, but the truth is always deep, brutal and harsh to take in.

Let us see what will be, can be or has been. 

His family might support him and say it is your fault.

He may never agree or accept his mistakes nor will the guilt let him live with you as a person. 

It is a difficult situation, yes. 

Hiding from friends, then realizing that, Oh! Some of them knew way before you realized, smiling with your kids not realizing they know.

What are you seeking?

So much confusion, anxiety and constant insecurity, are you ready to deal with it? 

By the time you realise another blow or constantly something may keep happening.

All you need is help, from someone who doesn’t know you or him.

A sane guide or a person who can build you back up and give you clarity in this situation. 

I wish to reach out to you but you have already reached out to many and have a broken belief system but you need parapsychological help. Not just by us for healing but also for rejuvenating yourself.