Trigger Warning: Depression

Trigger Warning: Depression

We have so conveniently distanced ourselves and ignored the word depression, that we live in a world that is filled to the brim with people wearing very many masks of emotions that are suppressed. It is almost impossible to understand from a persons outer behaviour whether they may be depressed or not.
One can go ahead and function forcibly, regularly due to certain responsibilities, yet feel suicidal every night.

One can go ahead and publicly be present to show that they are happy, yet feel lonely, hollow and extremely unhappy and uncertain.
For a person struggling with depression, every night going to bed can be a task. They may experience sleepless nights, an overthinking mind which may constantly bother them but they are unable to communicate those said feelings/thoughts to any other, or even to themselves.

To go ahead and listen to a person, most times, by most people, is treated as a task to be completed.

Depression is not a choice, there is no specific reason as to why almost 78% people suffer from depression. Out of which not even 10% are ready to accept that they are depressed.
People go ahead and face this every day, unwilling to change.

A lot of times, society has a big role to play in the stigmas attached with Depression. People who seek counselling or are referred to a psychiatrist, are called names.
They aren’t deemed mentally unstable,they are ostracised for their mental health issues.

If a person confides in you, about their depression, please do take them seriously. They need a lot of love, care, genuine concern & affection.
Appreciate their effort to be battling or making peace with their personal struggles.

Depression can cause major insecurities and lots of self-doubts, reaffirm to the person, constantly motivate the person. Not everybody can be healed with reverse psychology or by putting the person down even more.
If you think that someone is depressed, please reach out. If you are unable to make them feel as if you’re there even if it’s for a cup of coffee/tea, a long drive; then find them the help that they need. The first step is Acceptance but the second step is even harder, getting the help they need.

These days, social media has become more important than the real world. The virtual world is creating even more depression. People are comparing their lives with people on the other side of a phone screen.  Photos and posts that are seen on social media, can be true but most of the time, have a background story which is not all hunky-dory.

Realising that you have a decent  life, that you are a good person and everything you do and acknowledging that all that you have done, has been done to your best potential, that  is of most importance.

Feeling like the other person does something that you cannot, is not going to be helpful.

Every being is unique.  We are all born special and you should not compare your special traits with anyone else’s.

If you need help, to come out of depression, try ‘parapsychological healings battle remedies’.

You can go ahead and burn your thoughts by writing them down or journal writing. This  technique needs to be re-evaluated. Seek Help. Always speak up your mind  and do your bit.