Running will help rejuvenate your body, but running after things that are not worth it will only get you in a bad emotional state. Accepting things is the best way to deal with things in life.

When you pick and choose, make sure you are sure of what you are running after and what value it adds to your life.

How big of a difference will it make if you have it and what will happen if you don’t?

Run after things only after careful self-introspection, analyze everything, what will it cost you, the people that you may lose out on: in the bargain, the energy that you put into it, is it going to be worth the time it may require, the possibility of failure, and what you wish to achieve from all of this running.

Success has a price that has to be paid, every successful person will have their story of running, the ones where they’re asked so sit still and analyse.

Feel free to ask them: Which path did they take? What and whom, did this success cost them, if at all? How many times did they fumble or fall when they initially started? What were the challenges they faced, did they start walking in between, or did they falter?

All of this will help you understand better and then you will be able to learn a lot from another persons mistakes and maybe then you will have the courage to make more mistakes of your own.

Learn and unlearn from your mistakes & when you’re ready pass on your wisdom freely.