Somethings just get so predictable, some fears rise above all happiness and turn into patterns.  Patterns that are just not changing no matter what you try, even when you stretch yourself and give your one hundred percent but at the end receive no gratitude, nor appreciation.
When you have someone who asks you out or when you’re in a relationship, it all seems to be going good and then suddenly something triggers a past trauma and all the goodness vanishes.

Everything feels so perfect in the start but sometimes meets an ugly, unfortunate end. In such cases you fail to understand, why would this happen to you and why would this happen all of the time.

At times, people around you achieve everything in one go and you realise that whatever you do, these things don’t come easy to you.
This pattern seems very repetitive and somehow you feel and believe that may have happened before seems to be repeating itself. Maybe you’ve watched a parent struggle with similar issues and it makes you wonder if you’re stuck in an endless reality loop where you’re presented with the same choices or life events as them, to do things differently or to carry forward their mistakes.  Even when you can’t understand what you may have done to create such a reality for yourself.

This pattern is very intense and stays  in your subconscious. It keeps replaying itself over and over again and again, whenever you counter a similar life event takes place. 
It is very important for you to realise that a change from this pattern, to break away, is the only thing that can remove you from this cycle that seems endless.

Find a way out. Don’t let this get repeated. Your sufferings will come to an end when the patterns are broken. It’s time you take your life in your own hands and choose to make a difference, for yourself, by yourself.