Me and my little me

As soon as you know there is a little life growing inside you; all your experiences, cravings, anxieties are about this new little life that is soon to be born.

They are a much better, stronger and an entirely new version of you.
Those nine months, even though endless, were full of nervous excitement yet the last few days felt as though they’d never come to an end.

When they take their first breath and are immediately put on your breast for the very first time, it feels like this little one completes you. Like there is nothing more you need on planet earth anymore.

Raising your little one, watching their tiny toes and hands, their dreams & the ones you have for them, their smiles, all of it, is so beautiful and brings so much change but it all feels beautiful.
Soon they start to babble, then come the words, crawling, walking and then running and receiving everything that was so perfectly placed, all for them.

Soon enough, time turns all the beautiful things to tension – they don’t stop talking, so many questions, tantrums and of all things, need your undivided, exclusive  attention. Even after all this, it seems that we are still happy to have them, their want is our priority, we want the best for them.
At times they may even speak nasty things to you, but you learn to forgive and forget.

From handling your own life to making their life your top priority, sacrificing yourself: inside & out, scars all over you, only to have this little one. The sleepless nights, the tiring days, everything will be worthwhile only if you live with unconditional love and no expectations.

Don’t place your dreams on them. They will have their life just the way we do today and we learnt to grow by ourselves, without our parents' help & guidance or constant support.

Give your best but don’t forget to give yourself some rest.
Hats off!
To all the moms out there.